We would like to thank the members of our Honor Guard for performing ceremonies at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery this year. We have performed 105 individual ceremonies since Jan 1, 2022. The Department of Veteran Affairs Cemetery Voluntary Memorial Squad was put on quarantine-related "Stand-Down" status effective December 31, 2021 and did not return until March 21st along with specific restrictive guidelines.

As well as our Post regular and dependable Honor Guard members, we want to give a special thanks to Ken Dearing, our newest member, and Fred and his group from the Cissna Park Legion for helping us with coverage. - - - - - JOHN KESTEL Honor Guard Leader


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Shown above is a private memorial ceremony at Saint Joseph Church in Manhattan, IL on 9-11-2021

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Our voluntary Honor Guard participates in military burial ceremonies at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery (ALNC) in Elwood, Illinois. The seven riflemen perform a three round volley to honor the veteran and attendees. In addition, the leader delivers a veterans prayer and participates with the uniformed military in the flag folding and presentation ceremony. They are responsible for all ALNC Honor Guard ceremonies on every National Holiday, every Saturday as needed, and perform military assisted ceremonies at nearby private and local cemeteries.

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Post Meetings

Post Meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month


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